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Same player try again

This morning, I thought that I finally understood something and found a solution to feel better in my skin (ref. to my breasts, for those who follow). I thought that it was like my angioma (‘cos yes, I have a rather small angioma on my back) – something I got at birth and would never go away no matter what I do. The angioma doesn’t bother me at all – actually, 99.9% of the time I forget that I have it. The 0.1% corresponds at the moments when people see my back and ask me: “what it is?” and usually I turn around to see what they are talking about. >.<  So, as I was saying I thought that the solution would be to think of my breasts as I think of my angioma. I was all happy of my new discovery until I realized that there is a main difference between those two things. The breasts are closely linked to how I feel as a girl, and not the angioma. And it’s crucial.

Therefore, my Great idea wasn’t that great. I have to keep on thinking about it.

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