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Wrap up session

Next week, we’ll have our last group therapy meeting of the semester. An occasion to “wrap-up” and see if we have met our goals for this semester of therapy, what I did, what I didn’t do, what I still need to work on (no, please, don’t say “everything”, I wouldn’t believe you). I got to be prepared for this session.

I write down my thoughts as they come:

  • I feel more and more comfortable in group. With or without strangers.
  • I am not the shiest person I know.
  • I triggered, on purpose, a conflict during a session. I stayed on my ground and didn’t feel bad at all during the conflict knowing that even thought the other person didn’t know it, I’ve always behaved for their own good. I kind of sacrificed myself, I made this person angry only to make them show their anger to others and not keep it bottled up. The therapist said that I took a risk starting this conflict. In the past, I preferred to be invisible and with this conflict, I was on the front.
  • You know what, I’ve been to these group therapy sessions for so long that in a way, I said “in a way”, I feel like I’m on the therapist side. I know I don’t know as much as they do but sometimes… well, you have to admit that pretty often we repeat a pattern over and over again and we don’t want to see or admit and in this case it’s easy for others to spot those patterns (therapists and non therapists).
  • I think my perception of things changed radically the day I realized that life is not as harsh as it seems when what I called in the past “obstacles” are now “exercises” to me.
  • I got the feeling that I’m well prepared to be on my own again. I learned a lot of tools to prevent me from falling back into depression. I can also recognize the signs typical of a pattern I try to avoid.
  • There is still a big issue I need to address ASAP. It sucks.
  • I love my medications! I still take 20mg of Celexa. I’ll take 10mg when I’ll be done with my thesis, it’s safer. ^.^

Anything else?

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