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Summary of the last therapy session

Yesterday, there was no group therapy session. I was “what am I going to do now that I don’t have therapy??” I’ve been devoting 1h30 to therapy every single week since the summer of 2009 that when there’s a short break I’m kind of lost. Too used to my routine. A Wednesday with no therapy is not a Wednesday. >.< Okay, so, what did they say about me during the last meeting of the semester? Well, that they are “amazed” to see that I keep on challenging myself (right after that I told them about the skydiving) and that I am very committed to my well-being/self-improvement…I don’t know how to call that ..but in 2 years, I missed only one meeting. I was in Las Vegas. What else? as George Clooney would say. Errr nothing comes to my mind. We are all satisfied with my progress. There’s still a lot to work on but who can pretend to have nothing to work on on a personal level? It’s a never ending work – or in other word, that’s life.

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