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Depression and diabetes

An interesting article from Totaldiabetessupply.com posted on Jan. 07, 2011.
The egg or the chicken?

“Recent studies have shown that once a patient is diagnosed with diabetes, the chances of that patient suffering from depression are twice as likely. However, it has also been proved that depression can be a cause for Type 2 diabetes. In order to reduce future complications created by this combination, one has to understand what depression is.

Depression affects an individual’s ability to perform their daily tasks. For diabetics, that includes monitoring and treating their diabetes. Diabetes treatment involves taking medication, having a healthy diet and doing exercises. If the patient is always feeling fatigued, then it is likely that they will miss out on the activities which can affect their emotional well-being and their overall health. The lack of these activities sometimes can even lead to death in a diabetic patient.

In many cases, depression is never discussed between the patient and their doctor. The result is that most diabetic patients never get the much needed help required to treat this condition. […]

Depression can be treated in order to bring back the balance in someone’s life. People are in a better position to manage their diabetes when the element of hope has been restored in their lives. It is well advised to use both therapy and anti-depressant medication as prescribed by a doctor. Managing diabetes well can help to avoid depression. In the case you do suffer from depression, you should seek professional help. Otherwise is possible for depression to turn into Type 2 diabetes.”

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