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Keep in touch

I wrote in previous entries that I had a new friend and that I had to make efforts to keep/maintain our new friendship. I kind of f***ed up. To make a long story short (well not exactly but I am too tired to write everything right now) she sent me about two weeks ago this message: “Are we still friends?” That’s when I knew that I wasn’t doing my part and that she was nice enough to give me another chance. Since then we met twice (we had drinks in a brewery and we visited Gillette Castle State Park) and we have other plans too for later like going to a night club (lol) and to a Country dance/bar club too. Oh oh, and she’s supposed to teach me, although there’s nothing to teach really, how to drive an automatic car – I’ve been in the U.S. for eight years now and I haven’t driven an automatic car yet!! I guess it’s like a golf cart.

So, yeah, I’m learning to maintain our friendship. It’s not easy-easy. And it begins with something very basic: turn my cell phone on and answer her call. Come on! I should be able to do that “fingers in the nose” (a French expression to say “with one hand tied behind my back”). It’s not that I don’t like her; it’s just that I’m not used to all this.

I was just thinking that..it’s via my mother that I know what Isa, the other French girl I know and who’s my friend, is up to. My mother and her are “friends” on Facebook and it’s my mother who tells me almost every Saturday: “Hey, Isa did that, saw this…” and I’m “oh yeah?! I didn’t know!”. How pathetic is that?!?

And if you want to know how I feel these past weeks, this cartoon pretty sums it up well:

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