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Don’t you see I’m on the phone?

I can’t imagine who would do this but it turns out a number of you are fakers. Our friends at Pew research have found that 13% of cell phone owners pretend to use their phone to avoid interacting with people.  When you see them, they may be talking but there’s nobody there.”

From NBC Nightly News, August 16, 2011.

I have never pretended to be on the phone. Never. For one good reason, I almost never use my cell phone. I can go out without my cell phone, I wouldn’t notice it. I don’t think all the time about my cell phone (“any messages? any missed called?…”), and since it is a very basic cell phone, I can’t use it to play games, or take a picture or go on the Internet or use an App… there’s no such things on my cell phone. Therefore, there’s no reason for me to keep it always within reach..so, I wouldn’t have the reflex to pretend to use my phone to avoid people.

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