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Be realistic

September 4, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

You can be like this skater, accept the challenge of going down the ramp and… jump up to the lake.

Or you can be realistic, down to earth. I learn to be more moderate in my expectations. Before when I wasn’t happy or just satisfied with something my first thought was “I want this or that to be like this or like that (and nothing else)” and inevitably it (almost) never happened. Why? Because I asked for too much without even realizing it. Instead of asking for too much and asking it for it to happen right now, I understood that I just have to ask for a change. Just a change. Any kind of change is welcome, it will always be better than before because before I wasn’t happy or looking for something else. Change is sometimes scary but if you were really unhappy before, you’ll seize any opportunity to change. There are people who wish something that is impossible  (e.g. I’d like to be a top model, make sure that everybody I know is happy…), but they stick to it and therefore they make themselves miserable; they should learn to be less demanding or at least understand that things take time and they can’t get what they want right away, that their expectations should reflect their step by step progress towards their goal.

Oh man, I’m not clear..okay, I stop here. :-/

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