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Positive things of the week

September 18, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

1) I saw a free performance of the world-renowned dance company Pilobolus (click!) in our state capital. It was an outdoor performance, at night, on the waterfront. On that day the temperature dropped of 15°F and I can tell you that we were freezing… and the dancers were half-naked.  >.<
2) I went for a rather long walk on the walking trail that passes in front of my building.
3) My printer is now a wireless printer. ^.^
4) I reserved my visitor pass for the World Trade Center Memorial. This pass is free but “in order to accommodate visitors”, there is “a timed reservation system'”. Getting this pass is almost like getting an airline ticket. You have to enter your name, address, email and phone number. You choose an available time slot to visit this memorial and indicate the full names of all those who will visit the memorial. Before entering the memorial, we’ll go through a security check point (of course) and we will have to show a valid identity card, otherwise we won’t be allowed to enter. I reserved my ticket less than 24 hours ago and right now the earliest time slot available is 8 days after the day I was able to select. In less than a day, they distributed tickets for a period of 8 days!!
5) I invited Heather to a day-trip to NYC. It seems that I know NYC better than she does.
6) I saw the movie “Moneyball” for free with Heather.
7) I registered on Netflix. The first month is free and I can stop my subscription whenever I decide to. I already watched 5 movies.

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