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So far so good

I haven’t noticed any change yet since I began to take half of the normal dosage of Celexa. The psychiatrist who prescribed me Celexa told me once that if I stop taking my medication, it would take about three days for my body to feel the difference between with and without medication. So I guess that it’ll take approximately also three days for me to really see what it is like with just 10mg.

This weekend, I talked as usual with my parents and realized that I was the one (and not them) who keeps on holding on bad habits such as living for my parents and not for myself. As every child, I guess, I want to please my parents and make them proud of me ..this made me do things for them, just for them…whereas the only thing they want is to know that I am happy and do what I like and not what they like. I know that but lately it was difficult for me do actually think this way. I thought they would be proud to have a daughter with a Ph.D. but it seems that they don’t care at all if I have a Ph.D. or a just a High School diploma as long as I am happy. At least, that’s what they told me. I worked my ass off on my Ph.D. thesis just for my parents. Personally, after what happened with the survey, I couldn’t care less about my thesis. I didn’t want to do it any longer. Anyway, I acknowledge the sacrifices my parents make/made for me and I should do everything to fulfill my potential. :-)

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