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My “Cinderella” moment

October 29, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I know, I know I haven’t posted for a while, I know. Mea Culpa. But I have two reasons why I didn’t write earlier: 1) nothing much happened since the last post 2)I’m too lazy to write a post. Bad excuses, I know. Sorrrryyy.

Well, what’s up? It snowed a little on Thursday evening and today we are expecting an “Historical” snow storm – it’s snowing right now actually. Despite that we are used to very cold winters, it’s very rare to see snow in October. Oh yeah and I lost my cell phone so I got a new one with the Internet and a camera integrated in it. It is not the best cell phone you can get but it’s a lot more better than my previous cell phone… as my father said “at least you know that nobody stole your old phone, it was so old and basic. You just lost it in your car.” I checked and checked in my car, I didn’t find it. Talking about my parents, they will be here for the winter holidays.

I am still taking half a pill of Celexa. It seems to work perfectly. I don’t feel any changes actually, so that’s great. It doesn’t prevent me from seeing the world from a more positive perspective than before. An example? Yesterday, I played “Cinderella”. It sounds fun, doesn’t it ? Well, it wasn’t. Indeed, I didn’t dressed up and went to a ball but instead played Cinderella *before* all this happens: when she was on her knees, scrubbing the kitchen floor. Yes, my Cinderella moment was when I was scrubbing the floor.Better see it as a funny moment than a chore, right ? It’s weird, I know but that’s how I function lately.

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