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No photographer, no plunge

January 30, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

There was no “penguin plunge” for me this week-end. But there are several other plunges organized through March. So there is still hope; although I don’t think the weather will be as favorable for a “penguin plunge” as it has been so far. So why didn’t I make my “plunge”? Because, and that’s the truth, I couldn’t find anybody who wanted to join me. No, I didn’t ask them to come and “plunge” with me but just to be there to immortalize this moment by taking pictures and/or videos. Indeed, I don’t usually go and have a swim in the ocean in January or February or even March. And it is even rarer for me ask people to take pictures of me in swimsuit. Two occasions not to miss if you were interested in getting a scoop. Well, maybe another time. Who knows?

My parents were relieved that I didn’t do my “penguin plunge” since according to them I need more fat on my body so that I don’t catch cold. Does cellulite count? Because I got cellulite! I’m sure it would be enough to protect me from the cold, wouldn’t it ?

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