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Unspoken communication

Unfortunately I think that these images are close to the truth.

I remember that when I was going to my therapy sessions I kept on saying that I couldn’t stand being judged by others and that there’s no reason at all to like something in me…and that being judged was exactly the same to me than being rejected, despised, well, you get it. So, some people tried in vain to tell me that “pff..no, we don’t judge!” O.o I was depressed at the time, not stupid!!

But I learned something: that, yes, we do all judge others…but it doesn’t mean that we automatically hate the others. Actually when we say that, for instance, like on the first image we decide that the shoes are ugly it only means that *we* *think* that the shoes are ugly and it doesn’t mean:
1) that everybody in the universe think that the shoes are ugly.
2) that we don’t like the other person as a whole. In other words: I don’t like her shoes =  I don’t like her.

Judgments one passes on somebody is always specific and pointing at one detail and not at an entire person since nobody can know somebody else in every single detail. It takes already a lifetime to know oneself..so, don’t expect others to know you completely after a glance.

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