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Free screenings

It is again this time of the year where hospitals, pharmacies and dermatologists offer free full-body skin cancer screenings. I took an appointment because it is a kind of cancer that can go unnoticed… until it spreads out in the body and creates tumors. Moreover these past years I began to see brand new moles developping on my body. For years and years I only got four moles on my right arm and now, there are more than twenty of them! And that’s just one arm and since people with lots of moles – as well as those with red hair and fair skin – are more at risk of the most dangerous form of skin cancer, I prefer to have an expert look at my skin. I never went to a tanning salon and well, I don’t spend my summers getting a tan either – I have a lot of hang-ups… “v-neck” shirts are showing too much skin for me (well, not exactly..but I have acne there, too)..so I’m not the kind of girl who’d spend her days in a bikini on a beach.

We’ll see what the doctors will tell me…

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