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This week

I finally went to a free full-body skin cancer screening that was offered by the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Road to Healthy Skin Tour.  I was a little worried because I have a couple of what I would call ‘abnormal moles’ and it turns out that I was right. Actually they are ‘atypical moles’ but not melanoma yet. Yes, “yet” because these atypical moles are one of the most important risk factors for melanoma. So, if they change, that won’t be a good sign at all but the dermatologist who examined me didn’t prescribe me a biopsy since these moles haven’t changed for years. Anyway… It was a very thorough exam and I left with some coupons and sunscreen.

I received my birthday presents with six days in advance. My parents didn’t want me to miss my birthday, that’s what they sent their parcel very early; and well, we never know with postal services… we may have surprises. Did I tell you that once, my mother shipped a package (one of those sold by the post office) to me and four days later SHE received her own package?!  My mother was worried that a present wouldn’t survive the transit so I had to open all my birthday presents almost a week before my birthday. She was scared that the frame of a picture would break. She reproduced the photograph of our neighbor’s cat in France. I love this cat. Capucine. She always looks like she’s thinking “tu m’ touches, je t’ bouffe” which means something like “you touch me, I kill you”. ^.^ And if you want to put her to the test, well, you’ll regret it because she really means it. ^.^ She’s a cutie. So, back in December my mother was complaining to my father and me that her friends who go to painting lessons with her are asked to do paintings of this and that from members of their families and that she isn’t. Therefore, I asked her to paint Capucine. “It’s difficult to paint a cat!” -_-  but she did it anyway and it’s a very beautiful painting*, faithful to the original photograph. And, no, we don’t see on the picture Capucine’s deadly look; instead we see her belly we can’t touch, no no no!

*It’s in “my photos” in the right column.

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