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Cat cafés

Yesterday I discovered “cat cafés” on the Internet. I never heard of these theme cafés (2 examples:  here and here) before and I think that it is the coolest thing ever! But I can hear you thinking “what are ‘cat cafés?!” Well, they are mainly found in Japan and they are cafe in which you can just hang out with friends, get a coffee (of course!) or read a book …all this with cats lounging around with you!
It is well-known that the company of animals can make wonders for relaxing, de-stressing people or making them feel less lonely.
And if you can’t have a pet, here’s an opportunity for you to spend some time in the presence of some cats. If “cat cafés” existed in my neighborhood, you can be sure I’d spend my days there. But since there’s no such cafe in my State, well, I’ve got to do with what I have and I have this instead. A way like another to be in the presence of a cat.

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