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In the past…

If you take a look at my calendar you’ll see that I haven’t posted for almost 2 years. I have a good explanation: I moved out.
Even before moving out I knew I wouldn’t like it at all. And I didn’t move out from one side of the city to the other (like an acquaintance for whom it was the end of the world!) but from the U.S. to my country which is *just* across the Atlantic Ocean. Not far at all. >.<
Since I spent 10 years in the U.S., with time I had accumulated quiet some stuff : furnitures (of course), a vacuum, a TV set, a printer, a sofa, a car… but I was always aware that I wouldn’t stay for ever in this country so I tried not to buy anything unnecessary like a tent or a bike. The only “real” furniture I bought was a table; a colleague gave me two old shelves and a very old coffee table. Everything else was made of plastic, like the stuff students buy when they go live on campus. Cheap stuff. I left in the U.S. everything but the sofa and two plastic storages – the table was way too large for me to keep it and even my bed, I couldn’t keep my bed because American and European beds don’t have the same sizes. If I wanted to bring my bed in Europe I would have to keep on buying all the bedclothes in the U.S., which wouldn’t be convenient.
Moreover it was totally useless to pack my lamps, toaster, TV set, printer…To make it short, everything with a plug would stay in the U.S. Why ? Because the two countries do not use the same voltage. Therefore I had to sell (thanks Craig’s List), discard or give away all my electrical devices.moving day

At last, I had tons of books I read for my studies. Book that I had to read, not for fun and that I never plan on reading again in my life : poetry, medieval stuff, etc… I couldn’t sell them even to my university and nobody I knew was interested in reading “Yvain, the Knight of the Lion“, “Décaméron” or collections of poems. I wonder why?! So, I threw away most of these books. I had to pack “light” and books are everything but light. So, I kept a few of them in a small, heavy cardboard.

To be continued.

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