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… moving (the end).

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For months my parents sent me gift cards to use in restaurants and I didn’t want my parents to have pay for nothing so I had to use all my gift cards before my departure. So I went to restaurants a lot during this period. A lot. And since it was an international moving, I had to cancel Everything: gas, water, insurances, TV, phone,.. close my bank account, sell my car, cancel all my appointments (dentist, doctor, etc.). I also had to find a company that would take care of the actual moving: wrap the large furnitures, load all my stuff on a ship and deliver everything at my parents’ house. Oh yeah and I remember now, the moving company required a copy of my passport..which was expired. >.< I had to take an appointment in NYC to get a new passport (I had to wait for 2 months to get my appointment, they’re busy at the embassy!).

I was, as you can guess, everything but relaxed with all these things to do. I was also worried that I would forget something important.

Well, in the end, I moved out with the help of my mother who made the trip to help me the last week of my stay in the U.S. and two months and a half later, yes, two months and a half later, I received  all my stuff, all my cardboards and furnitures at my parent’s house on a rainy day. I stayed at their place for several months as I was waiting for my tenant to move out of my apartment – we can’t expel people in this country; we have to wait for the contract to end before doing anything. Then when my tenant was definitely gone I completely emptied my apartment (bye bye fridge, shower, sink…), pulled down walls to start from scratch to get a better and more modern, more practical apartment. And now I live in this apartment since mid July. : -)

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