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My “soda challenge”

October 16, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

Somnosodae update about the “28-day soda challenge” I started in January 2011 to definitely stop drinking sodas. A long time ago! At the beginning I resisted the temptation to drink soda. There was one isolated moment of weakness in 2012 (I drank one glass of ginger ale) and since then, well, I haven’t drunk any soda. Not a drop. No coke nor pepsi, 7up or ginger ale. Nothing. Instead I drink sparkling water. I still need this sparkling, refreshing sensation. I won’t say it is easy not to drink soda in today’s society. I feel like A.A.s who haven’t drunk alcohol for years but who know deep inside that they could relapse oh so easily if they drink one single alcoholic  drink. Except that they get rewards, like sobriety coins, for staying sober for some time, and that I don’t get anything, no reward.That’s unfair. But I’m proud of myself. It’s an important challenge (to me, at least) and five years later I’m still holding on.

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