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“positive things of the day”

February 13, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

Years ago, I was told at a “Journey Into Consciousness” session that it would help a little to make a list of all the good things of the day right before falling asleep so that you end your day on positive note. I’ve been doing it for years, every single night, in my bed I make a list of all the good things, small or big, that took place during the day. There are mainly small things in my list because my life is far from being excited, it’s quiet monotonous and totally uneventful. For instance, on my list one can read:

  • I watched a great movie
  • I did the laundry
  • I ate home made french fries

..Insignificant things, some may think but one has to be satisfied even with the smallest joys in life, otherwise it’s too depressing.

I don’t know if it works or not – I haven’t noticed any change at all regarding my mood or spirit but I keep doing it. I can’t be harmful after all. Well, sometimes I kind of feel sorry for myself while making this list for some entries are so meaningless..it’s pitiful, even to me. I shouldn’t judge my list. I should just make it, feel good about it because that’s what it’s about: feeling good and therefore spend a good night with only positive thoughts in mind. Right after I repeat the mantra I use for meditation and fall asleep – Never try to meditate while laying comfortably in a bed, never!

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