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Movies too difficult to understand

I was happy to write an entry to say that I finally understood the movie Fight Club although some elements don’t really make sense to me but I get the whole picture but then I watched Enemy with Jake Gyllenhaal. The movie I didn’t understand. The movie I can’t sum up:  « there’s Jake Gyllenhaal and his twin, and spiders… ».

I understood Christopher Nolan’s Memento ;  just use your brain during the movie and you understand the plot. But Enemy! Pff! I bet there is not one single human being on earth who can understand right away this movie. We need the notice that goes with it and not just one sentence but a detailed explanation of who’s who and when and why… What a movie! And when I think that I found  Fight Club difficult to understand! (There’s still Mulholland Dr. that I don’t understand after having watched this movie at least 3 times but that’s a detail).

Oh and Enemy’s ending has been called by many “the scariest ending of any film ever made.” I must have been very sleepy for not having reacted at all to this ending because if there is one thing in the world that scares me the most is what we see then. Very tired.

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