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Would you like some wine?

Last time I went to a restaurant with my parents, the waiter poured some wine for my father, then for my mother then… he stopped, looked at me and said “Miss, would you like to drink some wine?”
It’s only the following day that I realized what happened:
The waiter was either being extremely polite or he implied that I was young enough to be a ‘miss’ (which is not the case) who probably rarely drink wine because of her young age. The drinking age in France is 18 and although my mother says that I look much younger than my age, I swear, I do not look like a 17 years old girl. I know I don’t look my age but there’s a limit!

An anecdote: Years ago, in an airport, an hostess told me “..and your parents let you travel alone?” – “Well, I’m 18…”.

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