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English as a Second Language

I have a good news: I have been teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) to 9-10 years old kids and I’m pretty good at it. Well, so far my students were adults and young adults; once I was the youngest one in the classroom! Moreover I don’t know any kids in my family, I don’t really look for their company..I’m not into kids. So when I learned that I had to teach kids I was a bit nervous. And even more nervous that I had to teach ESL. A first for me. I know English but it doesn’t mean that I know how to teach it.

I remember nights before beginning those ESL classes, I was totally stressed out; I couldn’t sleep. I thought I would never be able to 1) teach ESL 2) deal with young kids. I even thought about calling to cancel the classes. I lack so much self-confidence… it’s amazing. But I survived!

After several weeks, the kids seem to learn English and the most important : their parents are satisfied with their progress. The parents are so happy with the results that they asked me if I’ll be teaching again next semester because they would like to have their kids in my class. It seems also that they talked about me to their friends who would like their kids to join my class. I’m so surprised by all this. You have no idea. So it seems that I am rather good at teaching kids ESL.

Oddly enough, I don’t see much difference in teaching young kids and adults:  funny stuff, games, repetitions, songs, etc. But I think teenagers is a very different public. No game for them because “games are for kids” and they are “not kids”.

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