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I’m on a U2 video!

Yay ! cheer up

I finally watched the “U2 iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Live in Paris” video today !

It was released some days ago, I bought the DVD the day of its release, came back home all excited at the idea of spending the afternoon singing and dancing in front of my TV watching this concert… but no, the image was blurred ; the kind of blur that gives you headache. -_-

I bought a blurred DVD and of course, I didn’t keep the receipt… so I bought a second time this video but on Blu-ray this time, my first Blu-ray and ô miracle I could watch and listen to the concert I attended in Paris in December 2015.

It’s really really cool to have a professional video (made by HBO) of a concert you attended. It’s a good souvenir of your show. Really nice. I love it!

It is more than odd to say that but, it is thanks to the terrorist attacks in Paris in late November 2015 that all this happened. I bought tickets for the first and fourth concerts of U2 in Paris. It was originally planned that HBO would film the third concert. Bummer! But right after the second show there were the attacks in Paris. So the last two Parisian shows were postponed. With their schedule, U2 had no choice but to put those two postponed shows After what was supposed to be their final show for this tour in Dublin. So the tour was, at the beginning, ending in Dublin. With the terrorist attacks, the tour ends in Paris with a show filmed by HBO and with me in the audience.


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