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What I do in life

To the question “What do you do in life?” I would probably answer “I buy toilet paper”. That’s how I feel. I know I spend more time using toilet paper than buying it but I really have the feeling that my life comes down to those four words. There’s an expression used to describe the Parisian way of life : métro-boulot-dodo (subway-work-sleep) which would also apply to me although I don’t live in Paris but what strikes me the most is how often I buy toilet paper. A never ending routine until someone creates something like the “shell” in Demolition Man, then I’d say “I buy shells”. >.<

Just to say that my life is not exciting at all. It is so dull that pretty often I receive emails from my dad “cheap tickets to Boston”, “spend a week in Los Angeles”, “what about a week in London?”, etc. Poor dad.

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