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Breathe, it’s just a game

I have been playing at World Of Warcraft for several years now (four or hordefive years, or maybe even more) and I have been in a guild for about 2-3 years. Everything there is fine. There is no conflict. I am satisfied with my guild’s progression as well as mine (6 bosses of the Hellfire Citadel in mythic mode) but sometimes I have the sensation that I am not welcome or appreciated and that it would be better for everybody if I leave the guild.

Actually, I already left this guild without warning, without telling anyone but I left my character in the same realm giving me an opportunity to stay in touch with the members of the guild I left. It was the guy in charge of the guild who managed to talk to me and convince me to come back in his guild otherwise I would be … I don’t know where. That time I tried to be not as radical as I wanted to be. More reasonable. I did my best to be moderate, contrary to what did before with another guild which I left without any warning either. But that time I made sure that the members of guild could not contact me at all or find me. I moved my character to another realm, changed my character’s name and removed everything that would still link me to the members of the guild. All this in less than 15 minutes. Farewell!

Just to say that it seems that I can’t stay long in a guild without feeling unappreciated. I don’t need much to think that I am unwelcome for instance a remark such as « if you are too tired to come and raid with us tonight until 11 : 30 pm, you can take this night off ». To me, it means : « we don’t want you, don’t join us ». And it is not easy to stay among people who (you think) don’t like you. Maybe I’m a little bit paranoid.  >.<  I should relax, keep calm and raid!

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