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September 13, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

Each year, every town has its “forum des associations”, that’s where you go to find cooking class, computer class, language class, dancing class, gardening class, painting class, zumba class, … in your own town.

My mother who knows me too well, told me not to miss this forum. And I almost did. I thought the forum was on the second Sunday of September but it yoga-1was on the first one. >.<     And I found it out the day before the Big day.

Since my mother insisted that I have to “find an activity to do” there, I found a yoga class not too far from my place – less than 15 minutes by foot. It’s a Hatha yoga class that will start in early October. It won’t be my first yoga class; several years ago in the U.S. I took yoga classes and I really liked it. I hope it’ll be the same here.


Regarding the series The Sopranos, I am not done yet. I still have the last season to watch before the end of October. It’ll be fine. I’ll watch the entire series on time.

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