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Say ‘aah’

December 4, 2016 Leave a comment released an article on how to detect if someone is suffering from depression just by observing only  his verbal tic and his non-verbal communication.

And guess what? There’s an app for that!

Indeed, according to this article, it seems that

    • the flow of speech,
    • the number of syllables pronounced per minute,
    • the lengthening of vowels,
    • the lack of intonation,
    • the melody of speech which becomes more monotonous
    • speaking more quietly than usual

are all elements that can help discover whether a person is suffering from depression or has suicidal thoughts. The app is not yet available to the public but it is tested by professionals in the U.S.. It could be useful with patients that are isolated or cannot go see a doctor. That’s worth a look.


U2 & Eagles of Death Metal

December 8, 2015 Leave a comment

I was there !! cheer up

eagles of death metal & u2 on stage




French are #1 for …

November 18, 2015 Leave a comment

If you feel low or need to lift up your spirits, my advice: don’t come to France. Better: Stay away from French people.
I don’t say that because of the terrorist attacks although they don’t do any good at all but because in general French people are known to be pretty pessimistic.

Actually there was the WIN/Gallup International’s annual global End of Year 2014 survey about happiness, expectations, beliefs from people from more than 60 countries.

In 2014, France was The Most pessimistic country surveyed.
* 57% of the French respondents said that 2015 would be a year of economic difficulty. [1]
* 38% of the French said they were “happy with their life”. 9% were “unhappy”.
* 29% of respondents in France said they would fight for their country [2]
* 54% said that they think that 2015 would be a troubled year with more international discord. 4% thought that it would be a more peaceful year freer of international dispute.

This survey was done in late 2014 [3] ; that was before the Charlie Hebdo attack (January 2015) and before the recent attacks at the Bataclan concert venue, cafés and Stade de France.
I wonder what the results of the 2015 survey will be like. The answer on December 30th, the day of its release.

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The best prescription ever

January 27, 2012 Leave a comment

Keep alert

January 26, 2012 Leave a comment

For several months now I’ve been taking half a tablet of Celexa (=10mg), the smallest dosage there is. I am doing fine with this small dosage although I noticed that I am not anymore seeing life through rose-colored glasses. Indeed, I am more often in a bad mood and
more aggressive with people. I wonder what it is going to be like the day I’ll stop taking antidepressant! I mean, I’m fine, I am not depressed or have negative thoughts but I know now that I have to be careful and do what I have to do to keep on looking at the good things in life and having positive thoughts. Meditation and physical exercises help. Seeing birds aligned on street lights still makes me smile (don’t ask me why, I don’t know why) and I still have my compilation of positive songs with nothing else but good vibes. Oh and as far as the automatic negative thoughts, I am mainly working on being less general in my statements; for instance when I say something like “every time I take out the trash it is raining” I immediately correct myself and say “not every time, sometimes”. It’s a little something but maybe it can help me acknowledge that the whole world is not against me.

Positive things of the week

November 24, 2011 Leave a comment

– I went to a free screening of the latest Martin Scorsese’s movie “Hugo” in 3D.
– I received a large basket of Godiva chocolates. It was a surprise from my parents.
– an other surprise from my parents : a package full of chocolates and truffles and other yummy stuffs. They probably want me to have my first stomach ache… o.O
– I spent a day in Boston and I *finally* visited the New England Aquarium where I touched a ray, a shark (a small one) and a xiphosura (one of those very old fish that have blue blood)
– I received a Christmas gift already (by mistake) : a book about meditation.
– still no soda.
– I’m doing still fine with 10mg of Celexa. I notice a difference though between 20 and 10mg : la vie is less rose but it’s okay.
– it’s Thanksgiving Day!!

My “Cinderella” moment

October 29, 2011 Leave a comment

I know, I know I haven’t posted for a while, I know. Mea Culpa. But I have two reasons why I didn’t write earlier: 1) nothing much happened since the last post 2)I’m too lazy to write a post. Bad excuses, I know. Sorrrryyy.

Well, what’s up? It snowed a little on Thursday evening and today we are expecting an “Historical” snow storm – it’s snowing right now actually. Despite that we are used to very cold winters, it’s very rare to see snow in October. Oh yeah and I lost my cell phone so I got a new one with the Internet and a camera integrated in it. It is not the best cell phone you can get but it’s a lot more better than my previous cell phone… as my father said “at least you know that nobody stole your old phone, it was so old and basic. You just lost it in your car.” I checked and checked in my car, I didn’t find it. Talking about my parents, they will be here for the winter holidays.

I am still taking half a pill of Celexa. It seems to work perfectly. I don’t feel any changes actually, so that’s great. It doesn’t prevent me from seeing the world from a more positive perspective than before. An example? Yesterday, I played “Cinderella”. It sounds fun, doesn’t it ? Well, it wasn’t. Indeed, I didn’t dressed up and went to a ball but instead played Cinderella *before* all this happens: when she was on her knees, scrubbing the kitchen floor. Yes, my Cinderella moment was when I was scrubbing the floor.Better see it as a funny moment than a chore, right ? It’s weird, I know but that’s how I function lately.