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Cheaper, Better…

October 28, 2016 Leave a comment

I don’t know if you plan to celebrate something these coming days – Halloween is not really appropriate and la Toussaint even less – but if you do have a birthday, an anniversary, an election, a wedding (and so on), forget about champagne. Try clairette instead.champagneavoirfondblanc To taste clairette is to adopt it forever. Why? Because clairette looks like champagne, it has bubbles like champagne, it is much cheaper than champagne and above all, clairette tastes much better than champagne (it is less acidic). My family who always drank champagne for big occasions now has definitely switched to clairette. It is The Discovery of the year for us. Try it too, just try it once – it won’t cost you as much as champagne and you’ll see that you’ll prefer its taste to the taste of champagne. You’ll thank me later for the money you’ll save.


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A not so relaxing class

September 28, 2016 Leave a comment

For her first Tai-chi class, a class that is supposed to be relaxing, calming, and good for the
body, my mother was everything but relaxed and calm. Imagine her all sweaty, anxious and a bit irritated. Here’s why:

Last week, my mother went to her very first Tai-chi class. Well, not really. On her way, she kind of got lost. She asked the way to passersby because she didn’t have a roadmap, nor a GPS in her car… she could have used her smartphone, but she didn’t think about it. It took her some time though to realize that yes, she found a building that could have been the right one. Unfortunately it wasn’t in the right town. She was in the wrong town. To keep it short, she found her Tai-chi class 30 minutes after it began. Too late to join the class. That’s my mother.

Xmas presents

August 8, 2016 Leave a comment

It’s August! Time for me to show you what I olafgot this past Christmas – although we all agreed that there would be no present. But my father couldn’t resist the temptation. And I suspect that he got me what HE wanted to get for Christmas.

  • a book “Give me a hug” (from Frozen)
  • a little Olaf (from Frozen)
  • a  green lightsaber toothbrush that can light up (see the link).

And to answer your questions, no, I am not a child nor a teenager but a grown up.


My trip to…

June 24, 2016 Leave a comment

Lately, my father told me “hey, why don’t you go to London, you haven’t been there for years”. Actually it’s been more than 13 years. I was up to do it, I even managed to convince my parents to come with me, so that they can visit London too  – they have been there only once before.

But as the British people clearly stated today that they want to leave Europe we don’t plan anymore to go to London. We don’t want to impose ourselves there. The British probably don’t want to see European citizens on their island…well, it’s fine for us, instead we’ll go to Dublin, Ireland! I love Ireland. I’ve been there several times and the people are so nice, the landscapes mind blowing. I know there’s a huge difference between London and Dublin, the latest is a human-sized city, with therefore much less pollution, moreover it’s at 20 minutes by Dart from the seashore (Howth). .. Oh, and we won’t have to change our currency to go to Dublin (the UK still have their pounds). That’s a good thing! Dublin, here we come! It’ll be a first for my parents! So excited!

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Would you like some wine?

May 12, 2016 Leave a comment

Last time I went to a restaurant with my parents, the waiter poured some wine for my father, then for my mother then… he stopped, looked at me and said “Miss, would you like to drink some wine?”
It’s only the following day that I realized what happened:
The waiter was either being extremely polite or he implied that I was young enough to be a ‘miss’ (which is not the case) who probably rarely drink wine because of her young age. The drinking age in France is 18 and although my mother says that I look much younger than my age, I swear, I do not look like a 17 years old girl. I know I don’t look my age but there’s a limit!

An anecdote: Years ago, in an airport, an hostess told me “..and your parents let you travel alone?” – “Well, I’m 18…”.

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My New Year’s Eve

January 5, 2016 Leave a comment

While some people look forward to their New Year’s party (and resolutions), I dread this traditional time to look back on the past year’s accomplishments – or in my case lack of accomplishment. If you’re a little depressed already, like me (because in part of the winter blues), this moment of taking stock of yourself will probably make things worse.

I know that to look back at the year and what you have done is natural to some degree but with me, the only things that come to my mind as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve are saddening observations such as « last year I still didn’t get a full time job », « I didn’t lose weight, but gained weight », « I’m hopeless ». It is the period of the year when I am very self-critical. Knowing myself, I probably rate my accomplishments lower than others would. And it’s even worse in presence of my parents who look at me with eyes that say « sorry, I’m sorry for you, maybe next year will be better ». Usually, I try to hide my tears when my parents wish me a happy new year. This night is by far the most depressing night of the year for me.

Maybe you think that the fact that I almost always spend a very quiet New Year’s Eve with my mother and my father (we try to stay awake till midnight playing cards or watching tv) makes me sad but I don’t think so, since I prefer to spend NYE this way, with my parents, than among dozens of people, all dressed up. I am not at all a party girl.

Well, all this to tell you that I am glad that this time of the year is over !

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The origin of my first name

December 16, 2015 Leave a comment

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Say Your Name.

My parents always told me that they picked up my name because one day, in her kindergarten class, my mother heard one of her young pupil (the little girl was no more than 6 years old) say out loud, looking inside a  closet  in disorder “What a fucking mess in here!”. And she shocked my mother, who, back then, was not used at all to hear swearword especially from a so young child… and my parents named me after her.

That’s odd when you think about it!