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Positive things of the week

May 13, 2012 Leave a comment

1) Yesterday, as the weather was gorgeous, I walked for two hours on a trail.
2) I had a glass of ginger ale (the first glass of soda in more than a year) but I didn’t enjoy it much. No risk to crave it. That’s good. :- D
3) I still try to review all the good things of the day right before I fall asleep.
4) Isa invited to spend a week-end at her new apartment in Boston.
5) I sent flowers to my mother for Mother’s day. It was a surprise for her since today it is Mother’s day in the U.S. but not in France yet. Mother’s Day is celebrated later this month in France.
6) My arms look great. No trace of acne. I’m soooo happy. They haven’t looked like this for decades!
7) I saw for free Dark Shadows, the latest movie with Johnny Depp.
8) Since the free skin cancer screening I went to was canceled (I found it out once there), I registered for another skin screening and this time, this one is close to my town.

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Positive things of the week

March 30, 2012 Leave a comment

1) I craved a hamburger, went to a restaurant drooling at the thought that I’ll finally get my hamburger..and ordered a fish and chips. -_-  Sometimes, I don’t understand myself. But the fish and chips was good. :-)
2) I saw the movie “Wrath of The Titans” in 3D for free before its national release. An eye candy especially in 3D.
3) I do a massive spring cleaning in my apartment.
4) Every night, in bed, right before falling asleep I make a list of all the good things of the day.
5) I’m invited to a birthday party… in France. Since the party is tomorrow, I’ll be celebrating the birthday on Skype. On this occasion, I’ll see for the first time several people with whom I play on World of Warcraft. You would think that there is nothing unusual in here but several months ago I wouldn’t have accepted to do a video chat with people (besides my parents). It’s out of my comfort zone but hey, I’ll get over it, it’s not the end of the world.
6) I went to the gym.
7) Still no soda for me. :-D

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Soda free for one year

March 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Sometime last week (I am not sure of the exact date) there was a major anniversary in my life. Okay, it’s not the kind of thing most people think of as a cause for celebration, but it’s something I never would have thought could happen. I drank my last sip of soda, sometime in late February 2011. I’ve been soda free for one year. I didn’t really plan to quit drinking soda completely though. In fact, I just wanted to see if I could do without it… and I can. At the time when I decided to stop drinking soft drinks I couldn’t drink a whole can of soda. It was already too much for me; I drank instead small cans of diet soda. I never drank water except when I was at the gym and I wasn’t at the gym every day. No wonder I always felt crappy – and could it be a reason I never had perfectly clear skin? I don’t know whether it is linked or not but my skin looks much better now.

What do I drink now? Sparkling water turned out to be a very good alternative to soda: it is sparkling (bubbles), refreshing, it does not have sugar, caffeine or calories and it is a lot cheaper. It seems stupid to say that but I feel better because I am consuming less junk.

How I did it? Thanks to Doctor Oz’s program. I scrupulously followed his “28-day soda challenge”. Read more about it on this previous post.


Positive things of the week

February 17, 2012 Leave a comment

1) I had lunch with Isa and her little family. Last time we saw each other, it was late December!
2)  sold a book on
3) I just got an ottoman for 5 bucks. :-)
4) For the first time, I colored my hair by myself, like a big girl.
5) No snow on the horizon yet.
6) Still no soda for me! Yay!
7) Something funny happened to me: yesterday I had to go to the post office but I didn’t want to see my regular postman, I don’t know why..I don’t really like him, no, I mean, he impresses, I went to the next closest post office; a tiny one and when I opened the door, whom did I see? Yep! My postman! lol If only I didn’t try to avoid him, I would have actually avoided him but the exact opposite happened. How I reacted? Once I saw him, I laughed! It was too much for me.
8) I bought a ticket to see ” Michael Jackson – The Immortal World Tour” by Cirque Du Soleil. I saw MJJ twice in concert when I was still a kid and, well, the Cirque Du Soleil’s spectacle never disappointed me (I saw Kà, Alegria and Delirium).

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Positive things of the week

January 15, 2012 Leave a comment

1) It hasn’t snowed yet. I write it now because maybe tomorrow it won’t be true anymore.
2) Still no soda for me.
3) The girl who crashed at my place for 2 weeks in late December hasn’t tried to contact me now that the Spring semester is just about to begin. I guess she found somebody else who accepted to have her at their place for a while – indeed, I know that she still doesn’t have a place to stay for good.
4) I went to the gym twice.
5) I did my laundry and ironed what needed to be ironed.
6) I learned how to fold a fitted sheet neatly.
7) I got my car completely fixed. It should be okay now for months and months.

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Positive things of the week

November 24, 2011 Leave a comment

– I went to a free screening of the latest Martin Scorsese’s movie “Hugo” in 3D.
– I received a large basket of Godiva chocolates. It was a surprise from my parents.
– an other surprise from my parents : a package full of chocolates and truffles and other yummy stuffs. They probably want me to have my first stomach ache… o.O
– I spent a day in Boston and I *finally* visited the New England Aquarium where I touched a ray, a shark (a small one) and a xiphosura (one of those very old fish that have blue blood)
– I received a Christmas gift already (by mistake) : a book about meditation.
– still no soda.
– I’m doing still fine with 10mg of Celexa. I notice a difference though between 20 and 10mg : la vie is less rose but it’s okay.
– it’s Thanksgiving Day!!

Positive things of the week

October 8, 2011 Leave a comment

1) I had my very first manicure. It was on my bucket list. Check!
2) The French IRS will refund me again whereas they never never make refunds. :-)
3) I received a refund check from my university. I don’t know why they refund me… but I’ll cash it anyway.
4) Still no soda for me since February. :- D
5) I went to NYC and visited the World Trade Center Memorial with its pools. Great birds there.
6) I saw a free screening of Footloose at my regular movie theater. The movie is better than I expected it to be.
7) I decreased the dosage of Celexa and I don’t feel any change (yet).
8) I bought a hot dog from a street vendor in NYC. It was on my bucket list too. Check!
9) I am still doing fine without therapy.
10) and last but not least: I dropped of college. Yeah!! lol Bye bye doctoral thesis!! I won’t miss you.