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My very last group therapy

August 13, 2011 Leave a comment

This week I went to my very last group therapy. It was strange and next week it’ll be even stranger not to go to therapy. What will I do instead?! I’ve been going to group therapy every weeks for the past 7 or 8 semesters. If you ask me what is/are the key moments during my therapy, I would tell you that there are a total of 3 of them:

  • The first one being the moment I called the mental health center to seek help.
  • The second moment was after the first three group therapy sessions, I decided to keep on going to these sessions despite the fact that it was a very painful and difficult experience for me.
  • The third and last key moment is (probably) when I realized and acknowledged the fact that I don’t have a personality disorder and that “there is nothing wrong with me” as my therapist put it.

One thing is certain, I’ll never forget this chapter of my life.


Positive things of the week

August 7, 2011 Leave a comment

1) I went to a drive-in theatre for the first time; there I watched two movies.
2) I received a package from my parents!  ^.^ It was full of chocolates with 2 ready-to-bake cake mixes. Unfortunately it was sooooo hot during the shipping that one of the cake mixes kind of began to bake as if it was already in a oven. Therefore the pouch of the cake mix exploded and when I opened the package, there was every-where, a sticky and oily dough. Awesome. :-/
3) I drove for the first time an automatic car. Actually, it’s like a golf cart; you do almost nothing, the car moves by itself.
4) I received restaurant gift cards from my parents.
5) I had a couple of drinks with Heather yesterday night.
6) The therapists told me that since I won’t go to group therapy anymore, I can finally go out with other members of group therapy. At last!! The therapists didn’t want us to meet outside the  therapy session as long as we all were in the same group therapy; they said it would change the dynamic and relationship between us and it could disrupt the therapeutic process.

A new chapter

August 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Next week, I’ll go to my very very very last group therapy. I am going to prepare what I want to say to everybody and especially to the two therapists who were there listening to me and guiding me through these 7 (or 8?) continuous semesters of group therapy. I was committed, the most committed patient they’ve ever had they told me one day for I missed just one of our weekly sessions (I was in Las Vegas, I can’t be everywhere at once). I owe them a lot. So much. The last group therapy sessions were more about consolidating the new Me and not about exploring new potential sources of issues because we have to be honest, we all have issues and if we go in this direction, it’ll never end. In this case, every single person would need to go to therapy. When it’ll be written, I’ll post here  my last speech.

Positive things of the week

June 21, 2011 Leave a comment

1) I drove Isa and all her little family to the airport – they’ll be back in a month.
2) I did some yoga.
3) I went to free movie screening.
4) I went to the Cheesecake Factory – I didn’t get any cheesecake, there was no room left for a cheesecake.
5) I am still in contact with my new friend – it seems that she understands why I don’t always answer her messages. Good. :-)
6) Back in February I stopped drinking soda, and now I say “bye bye” to carbonated water. No more bubbles for me. ^.^
7)  I gave some books to Marine – books I’ll never read again. Books written in old French about King Arthur, the Green Knight, the Holy Graal and some other books about poetry. Farewell books! Don’t worry, I won’t miss you.

2nd session for this summer

May 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Not a very original title but it goes straight to the topic. Three girls cried during this session and I cried too. Not of sorrow or despair but of happiness. I know, it’s odd but I cried because there’s a girl in this group who’s exactly at the stage I was when I joined my first group therapy. Listening to her I realize all the progress I made and they are so easy to forget!  I need to remember what I did to get out of this awful plight so that when I’ll be on my own, which is pretty soon, I’ll know already what to do so that I won’t fall back into depression. Globally, I’m fine and in a good mood despite the crappy weather (yes, it’ll rain till at least the end of the month).