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Olympic games

August 19, 2016 Leave a comment

olympic 2016

When I learned that the U.S. women’s basketball team would play against France in the semifinal round of the tournament in Rio for the Olympic Games, I knew that the French team would be no match for the team USA Uconn.

Yes, to me it was France – Uconn as there were six former  players from the University of Connecticut and their coach Geno Auriemma who is still the head coach of the Uconn women’s basketball team. A great team, even when it is struggling it is still much better than the other teams.

The French team was satisfied with its performance because it lost only by 19 points whereas some other teams lost by more than 30 points. Still, they lost.

And since in April I woke up in the middle of the night to watch live the second half-time of the women’s basketball NCAA finale with the real UConn team, I thought that I could watch live this semifinal which began at midnight, French time, which I did. Go Uconn!


Uconn being uconn…

April 6, 2016 Leave a comment

Yeah, I made it! I woke up last night at 3:45 am to watch the second half-time of the NCAA finale and UConn won its 4th national championship game in a row after playing against Syracuse 82-51!!


In a nutshell:
Eleven National Championships, Four Championship wins in a row, Four time Most Outstanding Player, Three time Coach of the year, 151 wins/five losses in 4 years.

A pleasure to wake up in the middle of the night to watch this team play and win!


GO Uconn!

April 5, 2016 Leave a comment

GO UCONN! The UConn Huskies will be playing for a history making fourth-straight
women’s basketball national championship tonight.

I’m all excited for them despite the fact that I am no longer 1)a Uconn student 2)in the US but I really like this team and they are mind-blowing.

Uconn made history in 2014, when they became the first school ever, and the first in Division I, to win twice the men’s NCAA National Championship and the women’s basketball title in the same season.

In 2011, I took my parents to one of their games although they are not into basketball. I just wanted to show them what it’s like to be at a basketball game in the US and how good this team is/was. The score? 93-40 ; I remember it because I thought that if they kept going, there would be a problem with the scoreboard  – there’s room for only two digits. Can’t show more than 99 points.

So, their game is scheduled for tonight at 8:30pm ET.. which means 2:30am for me who live in Europe. It’ll be broadcast on ESPN which I don’t have but I’ll find a way to watch this game online..if I manage to wake up at 2:30am…

Good luck to UConn Women’s Basketball!cheer up

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The dog fight

April 5, 2011 Leave a comment

On one side you have the good doggy, on the other side the bad doggy.

Yesterday, they fought against each other to win the title of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), a tournament where the basketball teams (men & women) of American universities play against each others during the ‘March Madness’. The good doggy (I like to write “doggy”) is an Husky, the mascot of the University of Connecticut  (aka “Uconn”) – one of the two main universities in Connecticut along with Yale. As any good Connecticut/ian/er/?? (they are still trying to figure out how to call the people who live in Connecticut lol), I supported My team ‘The Huskies” of Uconn and watched their games on TV with my Uconn hoody sweatshirt and my Uconn cap on. Ucoooooonnnn Huskies!!! Whoohooo! They won the National Championship for the third time!! … it was an occasion for me to live an American experience and feel like a Connecticut/ian/er…Nutmegger! yeah, that’s our surname “Nutmeggers”. lol


Ego trips

November 12, 2010 Leave a comment

It was our 10th group therapy session of the semester last Wednesday. We are supposed to have deep inside us a “core sense of self”  – something that, no matter what, will never break. Strong, inflexible, deeply rooted. It’s something we could always be able to rely on or hang on to when things are not going so well. It should prevent me/us from breaking down completely again – because we’d know that there’s something in us that no one can steal from us. I think I found mine. Well, for the moment it’s good enough and better than nothing. It’s “my motivation to get better”. I come from far, I’ve been through a lot, I made a lot of progress and for nothing in the world I would give up now. Not after all I’ve done.

Wednesday evening, I went to the main campus of the University of Connecticut to see there Michael J. Fox who came to give a free lecture about him and Parkinson’s disease. He spoke for 45 minutes, a 45-minute “ego trip”. “They say in AA that anything over 20 minutes for a speech is an ego trip, and I’m going for 45,” Fox joked about his lecture. He said that some people asked him what the “J” stands for in his name. He said: “J” is for “genuine” or “genius”. lol I love it! Well, it doesn’t work that well when it’s written down.

I couldn’t take a picture of him during his lecture, so instead, I show you a picture I took few hours before. It has nothing to do with him, I know, but I do what I want. It’s my blog. :-P