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Positive things of the week

March 30, 2012 Leave a comment

1) I craved a hamburger, went to a restaurant drooling at the thought that I’ll finally get my hamburger..and ordered a fish and chips. -_-  Sometimes, I don’t understand myself. But the fish and chips was good. :-)
2) I saw the movie “Wrath of The Titans” in 3D for free before its national release. An eye candy especially in 3D.
3) I do a massive spring cleaning in my apartment.
4) Every night, in bed, right before falling asleep I make a list of all the good things of the day.
5) I’m invited to a birthday party… in France. Since the party is tomorrow, I’ll be celebrating the birthday on Skype. On this occasion, I’ll see for the first time several people with whom I play on World of Warcraft. You would think that there is nothing unusual in here but several months ago I wouldn’t have accepted to do a video chat with people (besides my parents). It’s out of my comfort zone but hey, I’ll get over it, it’s not the end of the world.
6) I went to the gym.
7) Still no soda for me. :-D

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Positive things of the week

February 17, 2012 Leave a comment

1) I had lunch with Isa and her little family. Last time we saw each other, it was late December!
2)  sold a book on
3) I just got an ottoman for 5 bucks. :-)
4) For the first time, I colored my hair by myself, like a big girl.
5) No snow on the horizon yet.
6) Still no soda for me! Yay!
7) Something funny happened to me: yesterday I had to go to the post office but I didn’t want to see my regular postman, I don’t know why..I don’t really like him, no, I mean, he impresses, I went to the next closest post office; a tiny one and when I opened the door, whom did I see? Yep! My postman! lol If only I didn’t try to avoid him, I would have actually avoided him but the exact opposite happened. How I reacted? Once I saw him, I laughed! It was too much for me.
8) I bought a ticket to see ” Michael Jackson – The Immortal World Tour” by Cirque Du Soleil. I saw MJJ twice in concert when I was still a kid and, well, the Cirque Du Soleil’s spectacle never disappointed me (I saw Kà, Alegria and Delirium).

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Positive things of the week

November 24, 2011 Leave a comment

– I went to a free screening of the latest Martin Scorsese’s movie “Hugo” in 3D.
– I received a large basket of Godiva chocolates. It was a surprise from my parents.
– an other surprise from my parents : a package full of chocolates and truffles and other yummy stuffs. They probably want me to have my first stomach ache… o.O
– I spent a day in Boston and I *finally* visited the New England Aquarium where I touched a ray, a shark (a small one) and a xiphosura (one of those very old fish that have blue blood)
– I received a Christmas gift already (by mistake) : a book about meditation.
– still no soda.
– I’m doing still fine with 10mg of Celexa. I notice a difference though between 20 and 10mg : la vie is less rose but it’s okay.
– it’s Thanksgiving Day!!

Positive things of the week

October 8, 2011 Leave a comment

1) I had my very first manicure. It was on my bucket list. Check!
2) The French IRS will refund me again whereas they never never make refunds. :-)
3) I received a refund check from my university. I don’t know why they refund me… but I’ll cash it anyway.
4) Still no soda for me since February. :- D
5) I went to NYC and visited the World Trade Center Memorial with its pools. Great birds there.
6) I saw a free screening of Footloose at my regular movie theater. The movie is better than I expected it to be.
7) I decreased the dosage of Celexa and I don’t feel any change (yet).
8) I bought a hot dog from a street vendor in NYC. It was on my bucket list too. Check!
9) I am still doing fine without therapy.
10) and last but not least: I dropped of college. Yeah!! lol Bye bye doctoral thesis!! I won’t miss you.

Positive things of the week

September 10, 2011 2 comments

1) I went to the Cheesecake Factory. :-D
2) I invited Isa to a Zumba class.
3) I invited my new friend to another Zumba class. It is definitely not for her. Well, we move, shake, bend our body and we jump, dance, clap and all this for 45 minutes non-stop.
4) I found a way to pay a lot less for a medication I take. ^.^
5) I spent an afternoon on a beach in one of our state parks. It felt so good.
6) I got another free panties from Victoria Secret.
7) I made for the first time some chicken and fried rice. It was edible – which is not always the case when I try something new. I’ll do it again.
8) I joined a nice guild on World of Warcraft.
9) I got 2 screening passes to see next week “Moneyball” with Brad Pitt.


Positive things of the week

August 28, 2011 Leave a comment

1) I went on a day-trip with my new friend. We had a good time together.
2) I had lunch with Isa and her little family. I was the one who called first.
3) I went to my very first Zumba class. In the middle of the first song, I began to get tired; in the middle of the second song I got a stitch >.<; and then, after each song I was thinking “tell me the class is over!! I’m exhausted!” ..and this for a while as it was a one-hour class. At the end of the class, I was completely soaked in sweat but I had a very good time and as said my instructor “if you can’t follow the pace, just smile!”.
4) there was a tiny tiny earthquake I didn’t feel but it’s always cool to say that there was a tiny tiny earthquake, isn’t it ?
5) today the hurricane Irene crossed the state of Connecticut and even though Connecticut’s largest power utility says it has surpassed an outage record set by Hurricane Gloria in 1985 with close to half a million customers losing power, I didn’t lose power at all. To me it was just a rainy and windy storm.
6) No tree fell on my building.

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Positive things of the week

August 7, 2011 Leave a comment

1) I went to a drive-in theatre for the first time; there I watched two movies.
2) I received a package from my parents!  ^.^ It was full of chocolates with 2 ready-to-bake cake mixes. Unfortunately it was sooooo hot during the shipping that one of the cake mixes kind of began to bake as if it was already in a oven. Therefore the pouch of the cake mix exploded and when I opened the package, there was every-where, a sticky and oily dough. Awesome. :-/
3) I drove for the first time an automatic car. Actually, it’s like a golf cart; you do almost nothing, the car moves by itself.
4) I received restaurant gift cards from my parents.
5) I had a couple of drinks with Heather yesterday night.
6) The therapists told me that since I won’t go to group therapy anymore, I can finally go out with other members of group therapy. At last!! The therapists didn’t want us to meet outside the  therapy session as long as we all were in the same group therapy; they said it would change the dynamic and relationship between us and it could disrupt the therapeutic process.