I thought I would discuss what I use as my favorite tools and resources for learning about and dealing with my issues – whatever they are.

  • Reading Material- The biggest help that I have gotten (seriously it has changed my whole perspective on everything) has been from the book “Distancing Avoidant Personality Disorder” by Martin Kantor. I am not one that buys books very often and I came across this book at my university library. It was so amazing I kept it until I wasn’t allowed to renew it any longer. I returned it sadly and then decided I had to have my own copy as a resource that I could use whenever needed. There’s also “Imparfaits, Libres Et Heureux” by Christophe André that helped me a lot. To make sure that I would remember crucial passages, I copied them in my blog, so that I could find them easily. These books opened up my eyes and showed me the symptoms that I have and that needed to be treated. There are great books out there that can be extremely helpful.
  • Medication- The first seven months or so, I took the maximum dose of Wellbutrin. Since I had a lot of side effects and since I still had suicidal thoughts, I switched to a daily dose of 20mg of Celexa. At first I was really skeptical about taking the medication – I was scared I would have more suicidal thoughts – and also because I didn’t want to be reliant on it. I fell into the stigma that most people have about mental health medicine- that in the end, you will be addicted to the medicine. I have since learned that some brains are simply hard wired differently and need the medication to work properly. So I take that daily and have been doing much better since I have been consistent with it.
  • Meditation- It helps me be positive and more peaceful. I sincerely didn’t expect to like meditation but really, meditation can only help. There is nothing bad associated to meditation. It’s both good for your body and mind like
  • Regular exercise- I am not as consistent at this as I would like to be, but anytime I finish a workout I feel better immediately, I almost can hear my body thank me. I try to go the gym once or twice a week for 50 minutes at least. Although I have a yoga mat I never did yoga nor used it to workout seriously at my place. I always find something else to do instead – but if I am at the gym, there’s nothing else to do but workout. ^_^  mens sana in corpore sano (a healthy mind in a healthy body).
  • Therapist- I went and saw a therapist who was able to help me point out my negative thoughts when I didn’t realize I was thinking that way. It helps me to be more aware of how it all works and to step back and understand that I am not my feelings. Among other things.
  • Journaling- Journaling is a great way to figure out your thoughts and feelings and mentally unwind. That’s why I started this blog. It has been extremely therapeutic for me.
  • Music- This helps me a lot to get rid of negative thoughts. Whenever I feel low, blue or depressed, I listen to my kick-ass music. It works 99% of time – I end up singing and dancing.

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  1. bambooforests
    November 8, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    These are great. I liked your opinion on the medication. I agree, I feel like, if someone’s mental health has improved, them my goodness, the medicines are a good thing.

    I would suggest one more tool, and maybe you already do this, that seems to help me. Some of my worst days when my mood is really sour, I realize that I’ve spent the entire day indoors. If I go outside just for ten minutes, maybe walk my dog, or just step out in the yard, it helps to clear my mind. When I’m having a bad day, my mind is beating me up, and won’t let me leg go of whatever I did. Having the wind blow against my face, and smell new smells, lets me feel not quite as burdened.

    • Me
      November 8, 2010 at 5:00 pm

      Plus, clinical depression is an illness. All your good will can do nothing against an illness. Medications are not an option here.

      Yes, definitely, I do that too. Fresh air (and rain) feels always good.

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